Clinical Hypnosis

You can say that HYPNOTHERAPY is built on what we call clinical hypnosis.

It’s probably easier for you to understand what HYPNOTHERAPY is if we first look at what Clinical Hypnosis is that is Hypnosis used for clinical use that is for treatment.

It’s important to separate Clinical Hypnosis from Stagehypnosis.
If you talk about Stage-hypnosis the intention is to entertain a the audience. In Clinical Hypnosis however the intention is to treat clients.

According to the Health authorities in the nordic countries and many other western countries Clinical Hypnosis is only allowed to be used by authorized Psychologists, Medical Doctors and Dentists. Stage-Hypnosis is however forbidden in the nordic countries and many other western countries.

The reason is because some persons, that have been asked to come up on stage by the hypnotist , experience that they have had a bad time doing this. Probably because they’ve felt that they have done this without wanting this. They fell they’ve been persuaded to do so. They’ve felt the expectation pressure from either themselves, the hypnotist and the audience or all of them.

Another reason why the person brought up on the stage by the hypnotist feel uncomfortable is because they’ve been carrying unprocessed experience material that have been triggered by the hypnotists interventions. After this has happened nobody has helped the person to finish the processing of this material. The hypnotist often doesn’t understand that it has happened and don’t have the competence to help.

When you talk about clinical hypnosis you can either mean or
-the method or
-the state of consciousness
Hypnosis as method means that a person who know how to hypnotize lead you into deeper states of consciousness, that is states where you get in contact with and can use your inner parts of yourself to a higher extent than what is normally possible.

These states are within science not called hypnosis while this concept is considered to be misleading since the word in Greek means sleep. Therefore science prefer the expression ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS since we in these stated still experience us at awake and conscious but at the same time we experience ourselves and things around us differently.

Hypnosis is an active state

In modern hypnosis we do not like to use the word hypnotist but instead f ex a person that can use hypnosis or a guide. This is to make clear that hypnosis is not a passive state but an active one where the client together with his or her guide create the states and the process that is activated in these. You are in other words not being hypnotized by the hypnotist but guided by him or her into these states.

So hypnosis is a very active state where you as a client or subject is very concentrated on something, namely what you there and then experience as the most important thing of all. At the same time you experience that you move and thereafter are moved by your unconscious deeper and deeper into yourself.

You let yourself be moved deeper and deeper into yourself

When you have moved down into yourself deep enough you no longer experience that you are doing the job but that someone else is doing this. It’s now your own unconscious that is moving you towards what you can experience as your core, the center of yourself. The deeper into yourself you get the more you experience wellbeing. The biggest wellbeing you experience when you get to your core.

Can all people go into hypnosis states?

Back in time the scientists and clinical psychologists taught that some people had a bigger talent for going deep than others. It’s true that some people learn more easy and quick than others depending on how well they function and fell and how trained they are in going into these states.
However it’s important to understand that all people have the ability to go into hypnotic states even if some need more time than others. There are no hopeless cases We are all born with the ability to go into these kind of states.

Why Hypnosis?

Sometimes hypnosis or hypnotic states are called optimal states for two reasons:
-you feel and function better when you are in these kind of states
– you have a better ability to learn when you are in these kind of states
The reason for this is that you’re more concentrated on what you experience as the most important thing in the world there and then. Also you enter these states in a natural way that is without chemical help which means you get no negative side effects.

Your inner parts/your unconscious mind help you to change
Another reason why hypnotic states are optimal states is because is because in these states youre inner parts are more active than normal. In usual state of consciousness your inner parts produce about 75% of all your behaviors. But in altered states they produce like 95% of all your behaviors. It’s not because you’re lazy that you let your inner parts do the job but because you’re smart. Then you also get more time to do what you want to do.
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