If you think COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING is not enough for you to reach your goals we can move on and complement with HYPNOTHERAPY.

This can be needed if you have experienced the problems you want us to help you solve during a longer time. If so it’s likely that the problems have spread out to other behaviors that you generate and to other situations and contexts in your life.

In the Hypnotherapy that follow after the mental training you can get in contact with and process
-unprocessed experiences for life and
-unfulfilled basic needs such as care and confirmation
that you had to suppress more or less from your consciousness.
However it’s not possible to suppress them completely. They appear in shape of different kinds of symptoms that affect your daily life and ways to functioning and fell in negative ways.

Up to the surface

So by help of COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING you can become so strong that unprocessed experiences come up to the surface of consciousness automatically. This processing is mainly done on an unconscious level. If your unconscious however should not be able to process on its own the problems you need to solve will come up to the surface of consciousness. Then your conscious parts will also be involved in the processing and solving of the problems.

Reconstruction and reprograming

The process you pass through when you process unprocessed experiences contain two phases:

– THE RECONSTRUCTIONPHASE where unprocessed experiences become available and thereby also possible to process for your inner more unconscious parts and also for your conscious parts, if this is necessary for the processing.

– THE REPROGRAMMINGPHASE where feelings and experiences that you experience as negatively charged (and maybe also frightening and threatening) now come up to the surface of your inner and maybe also your outer parts that is your consciousness. They do that since you now have enough ego-strength but also since you now experience that you that you are in a new more positive context. You are in a therapy situation there you fell secure and calm together with your therapist. Because of this you now feel that the experiences you need to process are possible to cope with.

The importance of having a capable and experienced psychologist and hypnotist by your side

Those of us who help you to get in contact with the experiences you need to process does this after and not before your inner parts have shown us that you have enough ego-strength by having worked with  COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING .

When you’re ego is strong enough and you get the support you need from your therapist you manage to go through the process of change that takes place in your therapy.

You then also experience that you get more control over what is happening in the process. At the same time your belief in your own abilities and possibilities to influence increases, that is your self-confidence increases.

If you work with yourself with the help of the methods we’ve developed you advance in your process as fast and as much as you can cope with.

For more info about HYPNOTHERAPY please have a look at the articles  psikologgruppen.net/category/kognitiv-hypnoterapi  However they are unfortunately only in Swedish right now.